WWDC 2011: Apple Design Award winning apps worthy of your download

Each year Apple gives away gray, cubic statues for excellence in iOS and Mac OS X app design and development. Here are your 2011 ADA winners:
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Each year during WWDC Apple gives away gray, cubic statues for “excellence in iOS and Mac OS X app design and development.” Its Apple Design Award (ADA) winners for 2011 have been announced in the categories of iPhone, iPad, Mac and student. In addition to the trophy (pictured) each ADA winner also receives a MacBook Air, iPad 2, and iPod touch, you know, to develop on.

Apple used three criteria for selecting this year's winner:

  • Design. Well-designed apps are delightful, elegant, intuitive, engaging, exciting, compelling, and reliable.
  • Innovation. Innovative apps are revolutionary, inspirational, unique, and do things in completely new and exciting ways.
  • Technical excellence. Technically advanced apps have excellent performance and make extensive use of the latest Apple technologies to deliver innovative, platform differentiating, and advanced features.

And the winners are...





  • grades2.png
    Grades 2 (Free, iTunes, pictured above) - Slick GPA calculator app for iOS designed for students.
  • Pennant ($4.99, iTunes) - Excellent baseball history app with data visualization of 115,000 games.
  • Pulse News (Free, iTunes) - Beautiful, thumbnail news and social network browser.

What are you waiting for? Take some time this weekend to try some of these best-of-best iOS and Mac OS apps. There's also this gallery of screenshots from the ADA 2011-winning apps, if you'd like to see more.

Did any of your favorites not make the list?

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