WWDC 2019: This new iOS 13 feature turns the iPad to into a laptop killer

Thanks to iOS 13, the iPad now gets a feature that allows it to compete directly with laptops.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

There's no doubt that the iPad is a competent piece of kit, but it has limitations that mean it can't do some things that laptop users take for granted. But iOS 13 adds a new killer feature that allows it to compete directly with laptops and tablets.

iOS finally gets built-in support for flash drives.

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iOS 13 sees the Files app get a massive revamp, adding much-requested features such as native support for ZIP files, folder-sharing via iCloud Drive, support for SMB file sharing, local storage, and support for flash drives and SD cards.


There's also support for importing photos directly from a camera into Lightroom.


This makes the iPad even more attractive to creative types, and enterprise/business users who still use flash drives to store work.

Is this a feature that you want on the iPad, or have you totally given up on flash drives? Let me know!

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