WWDC 2019: Apple's new Mac Pro is a monster of a workstation

Apple has lifted the lid on the long-awaited Mac Pro update. Prices start at $5,999.

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You want the ultimate Mac? The Mac Pro is the workstation for you.

Apple has announced its long-awaited Mac Pro update, and it's an absolute monster of a workstation.

Here's what we know:

  • Custom stainless steel and aluminum chassis (complete with wheels to make moving it about the office or studio ease)
  • Up to 28-core Intel Xeon processor delivering 300 Watts of performance
  • 12 DIMM slots 2933MHz ECC 6-channel
  • 8 internal PCIe slots
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 slots, two USB-A slots and a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • MPX graphics card modules featuring PCIe x16 plus a separate connector for PCIe, DisplayPort, and power 
  • MPX Modules feature Radeon Pro 580X or Radeon Pro II GPU allowing for up to 14 teraflops of processing and 32GB of HBM2 graphics RAM
  • Support for two MPX Modules
  • Support for regular graphics cards
  • Afterburner module for video rendering and ProRes and ProRes RAW acceleration capable of playback of 3x 8k streams, and 12x 4k streams
  • 1.4KW power supply
  • 3x fans pulling in air, and a separate fan for circulating the air
  • Price starting at $5999 for 8-core Xeon, 32GB RAM, AMD WX 7100 GPU, and 256GB SSD
  • Available in a format for rack mounting
  • Available this fall

Do you want one? How much do you think the top-spec model will cost? Let me know!

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