WWDC: A MacTech service aims to match up Mac & iOS developers with 'great ideas'

MacTech this week at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco will unveil MacTech Match, a forthcoming service that will link up Mac and iOS developers with eager clients and their "great ideas."
Written by David Morgenstern, Contributor

MacTech, the longtime publisher of the eponymous Apple-technology developers' journal, independent developer seminars and press release service, this week at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco may solve a nagging problem for developers and consultants in the Apple developer community. The company will unveil MacTech Match, a forthcoming service that will link up those very developers with eager clients and their "great ideas."

MacTech Match will comprise a network of developers and consultants that can, respectively, program an iOS or Mac app, and to help clients figure out what will be needed to get an idea programmed.

"Everyday, we get questions about finding a developer or other technical resource," Neil Ticktin, MacTech Publisher, told me. "Sometimes those questions are from end-users or people with product ideas. But, so much of the time, the questions are from our readers and other people in the industry looking for a simple way to answer the questions that they are getting. MacTech Match satisfies both types of people.

The company will leverage its knowledge, contacts and brand in the Apple developer community.

"Techs can feel comfortable recommending MacTech Match as a way to find resources beyond what they can offer. And, customers can feel comfortable knowing that MacTech Match are not only reviewing applications, but constantly looking at how developers and consultants perform with clients," Ticktin said.

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The service will start this summer with two service offerings:

The first service will provide clients an eBook that details how to deal with contract developers and the process of getting a contract program developed; an interview with MacTech Match consultants about the requirements of the job at hand; and three bids from developers in the network. The cost to clients will be $100.

The second service will connect folks with ideas — many of whom have no idea about the market or getting the job done — with Mac consultants. Currently, this service will be free.

This is very exciting news. Almost every week, I receive messages from readers about troubles finding developers for their potential product. For example, here's one that came just a week or so ago:

So, I need a saavy iOS and Web app developer ... and i need to hire one to do a project for me that I can't do cause I'm not a programmer. Where do I find these freelance or business groups?

I find a lot of developers, but their client list is a bunch of bogus sites that don't exist anymore or probably never did. And then the ones that do exist are a BS ad campaign for the so-called developer. It's all BS! I will not yield until I find someone to build my project because it will be great -- plus, I have some money to pay them!

I discovered that this guy is looking to create a new shopping experience for buyers and sellers with an app. Good luck!

I wish the Mactech Match service well. I finally have somewhere that may be able to actually help connect clients and ideas with programmers and the consultants that can facilitate the development process.

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