Xactly aims to fill gap in SMB sales chain with Intuit QuickBooks

Xactly partners with Intuit in an effort to fill the gap in managing sales compensation for SMB customers.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Xactly, a cloud software developer that works on solutions for managing complex sales data, has announced a new integration partnership with Intuit.

The goal is to better enable small business customers using Intuit QuickBooks accounting software to manage sales compensation. Customers are touted to be able to control and track every link in revenue chains, including correct and timely payment of sales commissions.

Steve De Marco, vice president of corporate sales at Xactly, explained in prepared remarks that this partnership actually fills a void in the SMB market because "sales commissions are one of the biggest cost centers and are often mismanaged on spreadsheets – limiting visibility and leading to costly errors."

With Express and QuickBooks working together, De Marco said, users should be able to"extend their financial management capabilities and take the pain out of managing sales compensation.”

To make use of the new features, QuickBooks users sign in as usual, and transactions are entered into the program and then credited to the designated sales team members using Xactly Express. Commission payments will be calculated automatically.

Sales reps and managers will also be able to use the integrated platforms to track real-time performance and stats on dashboards accessible via desktop and mobile devices. This is touted to be extra helpful as sales personnel can see where they stand compared to quota and then estimate the impact and alter performance to deliver desired results.

Xactly Express is expected to be available through the Intuit App Center later this summer.

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