Xerox, McAfee team up to develop new data security platform

Designed for business customers, a new security system designed to address data threats will combine McAfee software with Xerox machines and technology.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

McAfee has formed a new partnership with Xerox to develop a security system designed to address threats against confidential data.

Designed for business customers, the platform will combine McAfee software with Xerox machines and technology. At the core of the platform is a "whitelisting" method, which will allow only approved files to run. The system will also include a way to track and investigate the time and origin of all security events and then take action on them.

Thus, the system is touted as more secure than "traditional blacklisting tactics."

Rick Dastin, president of Xerox's Enterprise Business Group, explained in a statement that the pressing need for this innovation:

With more than 50,000 new security threats emerging each day, protecting sensitive company information can be intimidating for IT managers – especially when you consider that any device sitting on the network, from a PC to a fax machine, can be exposed to those threats. This partnership will work to ensure those devices are secure and company information is protected.

The inspiration behind this venture comes from a recent study, also conducted by Xerox and McAfee together.

Unfortunately, it seems that one of the biggest threats to data security at the enterprise level actually comes from the inside.

According to the report, approximately 54 percent of employees admitted that they don't always follow company IT security policies, while 21 percent aren't even aware of the policies in the first place.

Researchers argue that this opens the door for leaving the security of customer credit card numbers, financial reports, and HR and tax documents at risk.

For reference, the online survey is based on the responses from 2,541 adults in the United States.


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