Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz tells Mike Arrington to buzz off

Mike Arrington had a fireside chat with Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz this afternoon.
Written by Andrew Mager, Inactive
Mike Arrington had a fireside chat with Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz this afternoon. Yahoo! recently partnered with Match.com to use them as their main dating site now. "Once you get in the local part of your world, you need to get that information from the people on the ground there," said Bartz. Mike Arrington and Carol Bartz Mobile is really important for Yahoo! They are one 37 million mobile devices worldwide. They have alliances with over 100 OEMs and carriers. Arrington challenged Bartz on Yahoo's greatest challenge, in his opinion: inserting "soul" in to their products. She bounced back saying that it's a combination of smart people. You can't pin the company the size of Yahoo on one person's back. Blake Irving can't do everything. Yahoo was late to the game on "social". The first day they put up comments on Yahoo! News, they had 85,000 comments. People are very eager to interact with each other, and Yahoo! needs to step it's game up and keep up with the rest of the web. Personally, I feel like Yahoo! is trying hard to make too many good things, and not spending enough time on what they are good at. "Google needs to grow a new Yahoo! every year," Bartz is famous for saying.

Words cannot express how much I love watching Carol Bartz speak. Her sass is refreshing and lovely.less than a minute ago via UberTwitter

On the other hand, I do have faith in Bartz and her team. I still use Yahoo! products all the time. Well, maybe only Flickr, TV Listings, and Yahoo! Messenger. Bartz took a shot at Arrington, saying, "you are at a very tiny company. It probably takes yourself a long time to figure out what to do. F**k off!" Carol Bartz pondering life She surely defends Yahoo! like Andre the Giant, which is a good thing. What are your thoughts on Yahoo!? Do you use their products on a day to day basis? "We are going to make it as innovative and interesting as possible," closed Bartz. I feel like we should keep giving them a chance because they have so many good engineers and people. What do you think?
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