Yahoo continues Flickr makeover with photo books launch

Flickr's revamp isn't over. The digital photo site has launched photo books, its first foray into the print world.
Written by Kirsten Korosec, Contributor
Flickr's makeover isn't over yet. The Yahoo-owned photo upload and sharing site, which unveiled a redesigned look earlier this year, has launched Flickr photo books to give users a new way to showcase their full resolution images offline.
Flickr users will now be able to order a book directly from the site by clicking on the book icon. Flickr says it will analyze the user's photos and intelligently crop, position and place them in the book automatically. From there, a user can tweak the layout, reposition, delete or add photos from other sets or zoom in or out on a photo.
The photo books start at $34.95 for 20 pages. Each additional page is 50 cents. A book can have as many as 240 pages for a cost of $154.95. Flickr says it can print and ship the book within five to seven business days, a perk aimed at giving its users instant, or close to it, gratification for their efforts.
There's plenty of competition in the photo book space. Blurb and Snapfish are two such companies dedicated to the making and printing of photo books. Blurb and Flickr have even done a little cross marketing on their sites over the years to promote each company's service.
For Flickr, the move to print is about creating a new platform for its existing users and hopefully attracting some new folks as well.  The foundation of Flickr photo books—a site where users get a free terabyte of space to store their photos in full resolution—is already established. In other words, the users are already on the site.
Flickr photo books might not be the next new new thing. But it does streamline the process for making a book, which could be enough to attract customers.

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