Yahoo continues overhaul on Flickr for web, iOS

Yahoo continues to overhaul its products, possibly signaling the beginning of a renaissance for the beleaguered search company.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Yahoo is rolling out another major revamp for one of its biggest products today. This time the target is Flickr, and both the web and iOS versions are getting a lot of love from its developers.

On the desktop side, Flickr is getting a new navigation bar, designed with the intention for searching through the photo sharing site faster and finding better results.

Secondly, the Flickr team added a new Explore page with a visual-intensive layout that promotes "some of the most stunning and beautiful images uploaded to Flickr."

When it comes to mobile, it looks like Twitter isn't alone in its efforts to catch up to Facebook-owned Instagram.

The iOS app for the iPhone and iPod touch are getting a built-in editor filled with new high-resolution filters. The touched-up photos can be instantly uploaded to both Flickr as well as Foursquare.


The updated iOS app is available for free from iTunes now, and the desktop browser version changes will be rolling out to all Flickr users over the next few days.

The Flickr overhaul marks another major product refresh under the leadership of recently hired CEO Marissa Mayer.

The former Googler previously warned employees that the beleaguered company wouldn't have as much holiday vacation time this year as they normally get -- and now it looks like that was for good reason.

The latest version of Flickr debuts just one day after Mayer unveiled a cleaner and simpler design for Yahoo Mail in a move to highlight the company is developing its key products.

It's important to note that these changes to Flickr and Yahoo Mail are a lot more than just routine software updates. Even though we've only seen two of them so far, the rapid timing of their releases and emphasis on complete redesigns reflect Mayer's strategies to resurrect and make this company more competitive again.

Image via Flickr

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