Yahoo Japan picks Google as partner for search, ad delivery

While Yahoo in the U.S. likes Microsoft for search, Yahoo Japan decides to "Go Google."
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Yahoo Japan said Tuesday morning that it will use Google's search engine and ad delivery system and provide Google with its data, according to a Reuters report out of Tokyo.  Yahoo Japan, the country's biggest Internet portal, is owned in part by Yahoo Inc. in the U.S.

The news is especially noteworthy because U.S.-based Yahoo Inc. has partnered with Microsoft for search.

Yahoo Japan said its deal with Google will not impact the partnership it has with its U.S. counterpart or the investment that Yahoo U.S. has in Yahoo Japan. If you read Japanese, check the blog post on Google's Japan blog.

An interesting side note: Translation technology still has a long way to go, it seems. The Google Translate extension of the Google Japan blog post converted the text from Japanese to English - or something that was clearly supposed to look like English. It was rough - but I did catch a few keywords, such as: "non-exclusive," "from 2004 to 2001" and "licensed to search again." Here's the text, as it was translated by Google Translate:

From 2004 to 2001, Yahoo Inc., Google was providing search engine. And, today announced that the technology was licensed to search again for Yahoo Inc. Based on this non-exclusive agreement, Yahoo Inc. (a subsidiary of Softbank, Yahoo has invested some) is, Google is the fastest in Japan, and confidence is the most advanced will be able to provide users with search technology.

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