Yahoo trade: 850,000 cups of coffee for 850,000 Yahoo IDs

Yahoo's display advertising may be in the doldrums but Yahoo wants to "perk up your day" by offering you a cup of coffee, on the Yahoo house!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Yahoo's display advertising business may be in the doldrums, but Yahoo wants to "perk up your day" by offering you a cup of coffeee, on the Yahoo house! But hurry, the free iced coffee provided by Dunkin Donuts is "limited to first 850,000 coupon prints" today.

What is the catch? 1) Make Yahoo your homepage and 2) Register for a "Yahoo ID," or sign in with your existing Yahoo ID.


In "Google vs.Yahoo: Google doesn't support ad industry, Yahoo does" I present Yahoo's new, aggressive marketing campaign to build brand recognition and usage. The bottom line, measurable objective of today's free coffee promo is acqusition and/or retention of up to 850,000 Yahoo registered users:

Yesterday Yahoo announced a strategic integrated marketing campaign that spreads advertising wealth across a variety of media and offers a little good cheer to Yahoo visitors as well:

an integrated marketing campaign that highlights the new Yahoo! home page and other recently launched services, including the new Yahoo! Mail beta and Yahoo! Answers. The multi-million dollar consumer campaign includes television, radio, cinema and online advertisements portraying an irreverent and playful look at life with and without the essential benefits of Yahoo!'s Internet services. In addition, the campaign includes a Dunkin' Donuts coffee giveaway for visitors to Yahoo.com on Friday, September 22.


Yahoo's home page may be accused of "overkill" and its banner ads may be derided as "old school" but it certainly is refreshing (literally) to be welcomed to the Yahoo homepage with a win-win free cup of coffee promo rather than a stark, never changing "I'm Feeling Lucky" Google homepage "shtick."

At least for today, Yahoo is really making 850,000 people lucky!

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