Yammer builds itself into more apps via Enterprise Graph

Yammer is getting bigger by bringing its products closer together through its new Enterprise Graph.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Yammer is expanding its enterprise social network with the introduction of a new architecture designed to bring all of the platform's features together. Enter the Yammer Enterprise Graph.

The Enterprise Graph has shades of Facebook's Open Graph in that it is essentially designed to connect and seamlessly integrate user mentions, conversations, and more data across business apps.

Announced amid Yammer's first customer conference YamJam '12 in San Francisco on Monday, the Graph is composed of tools and features intended to make it easier for developers to integrate Yammer features into their business applications.

Examples of these features include feeds, profiles, following and likes -- all of which are fairly standard social networking functions by now.

Furthermore, Yammer has introduced a new directory for third-party applications that can be installed within a company's social network. Yammer asserted that these apps are reviewed and approved based on privacy and security criteria before being listed in the App Directory.

All of these new features are being rolled out to Yammer customers immediately.

Yammer, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, is also making a few other major announcements at the conference this week.

For starters, Yammer is working towards deeper CRM integration with Microsoft Dynamics by leveraging the Enterprise Graph. The goal is to enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers to extend Yammer’s social functionality into an app by embedding Yammer feeds, Like buttons, and more into specific CRM records.

This also includes an update to the app directory thanks to new integrations with GoodData, Kudos, Salesforce.com and WorkSimple.

Yammer is also adding more partnerships on the compliance side with Okta, Smarsh and Symantec to secure Yammer's e-discovery, data archiving and single sign-on products.

For a closer look at the Yammer Enterprise Graph, check out the promo video below:

All Your Business Apps. One Social Experience. from Yammer on Vimeo.

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