Yammer update brings email and messaging closer together

Microsoft updates the messaging service Yammer to make it simpler to share messages via email.
Written by Nick Heath, Contributor

Microsoft has updated the messaging service Yammer to make it easier to share messages with colleagues via email.

Yammer users will be able to add colleagues who don't use the messaging service to their conversations by typing their email address into the CC bar, which will email the message to the relevant person.

If the person receiving the message from Yammer via email replies, their response will be posted to the Yammer discussion. The person receiving the email will also be given the option to sign up for Yammer.

After an email address has been added to a Yammer conversation it will receive all future Yammer messages posted to that conversation, with the option for recipient to unsubscribe.

Another new feature is the addition of an email address for every group in Yammer. Emails can be sent to the group email address to post messages to Yammer. When an email is forwarded to a Yammer Group, the entire email thread will be included as an attached PDF.

Microsoft said the changes are about tackling the "mishmash of open communication (Yammer) and private communication (email) restricts information flow, reduces productivity, and quite simply, makes work just a little bit harder".


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