You should still consider a 4G Apple iPad, I bought one myself

More phones can be used for tethering and carriers are supporting it on my data plans, but there are still valid reasons for paying the $129 premium for 4G on the new iPad.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I ordered my new iPad, a 32GB Verizon 4G model, yesterday and as you consider which one of the nine available models (18 if you count the black and white option too) I thought it might be helpful to revisit my 5 reasons to consider the 4G (was 3G) iPad. It's been nearly a year since I wrote that blog post and I can now let you know if these reasons proved themselves with my iPad 2 and if there are other reasons to consider a new 4G LTE model, with a $129 premium cost.

There are many more smartphones today with WiFi hotspot functionality and over the last year carriers have tried different fee structures and now Verizon and AT&T have options that are reasonable. In particular, you get mobile hotspot functionality included with your data plan on both of these carriers when you have a 4GB or higher plan. You may want to go with 2GB on your smartphone and then pay for 2GB to 5GB for your new iPad. BTW, here are the data fees for the two new LTE iPads:


  • 250MB per month $14.99
  • 3GB per month $30.00
  • 5GB per month $50.00


  • 1GB per month $20.00
  • 2GB per month $30.00
  • 5GB per month $50.00

My previous reasons remain valid and in addition you get LTE (if you don't have a new LTE phone, including an iPhone 4S) and tethering included with your no-contract iPad data allowance. I used the 3G functionality for about 6 months over the last year and the following ended up being key reasons I went ahead and ordered a 4G iPad this year:

  1. I can't afford to have my phone die when being used for a mobile hotspot.
  2. I don't have a LTE device and loved the fast data when I tried it on other phones in 2011.
  3. I love the flexibility to only turn on data when I need it.
  4. The ease of data on your iPad means you never have to worry about connection issues between devices.

We all have different needs too and as Jason pointed out, he purchased a WiFi only iPad and provided reasons he doesn't need integrated 4G.
Did you order a 4G iPad or a WiFi-only iPad?

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