You'll be able to add voice clips to your Instagram Notes soon

If sharing pictures, videos, and quick notes on Instagram wasn't enough for you, you'll be able to share voice messages, too.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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When you want to share your thoughts out loud but also don't have the time to commit to a whole phone call, audio messages can be the perfect solution. I personally rely on them as a primary form of communication with friends and family.  

Soon you'll be able to share audio messages with your entire Instagram following, too. 

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On an Instagram broadcast, the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri confirmed that the company is working on an audio notes feature allowing users to share voice messages through Notes with their followers. 

"We haven't started testing anything publicly yet, but we're working on the ability to create audio notes to share with your friends," said Mosseri in the broadcast, according to reports

Last December, Instagram launched the Notes feature through which users can share 60-character notes displayed as bubbles at the top of the direct message tab next to users' profiles that delete after 24 hours.

Then more recently in June, Instagram added the option to add music to Notes. Since then, the feature has been a way to share quick thoughts or songs with your followers that don't quite merit their own visual post on a story or grid post. 

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The feature resembles status updates found on AIM or MySpace back in the day, so some of Note's appeal lies in nostalgia. The feature also capitalizes on younger users' desire to post live updates at all times, including short random thoughts. 

According to reports, Meta shared that over 100 million teen accounts use the Note feature within the past 90 days, showing just how popular the feature is with its younger audience. 

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