Your every day carry (EDC) gear

What tool, equipment and accessories can you not live without? Here's a look at some of my every day carry (EDC) gear.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

What tool, equipment and accessories can you not live without? Here's a look at some of my every day carry (EDC) gear.

Nokia E71

Put simply, the Nokia E71 is the best cellphone I've ever owned (which is interesting because my previous favorite was the Nokia 9000i Communicator which I had many moons ago). I love everything about this cellphone - the QWERTY keypad, the screen, the UI, the battery life.

Depending on what I'm wearing this either lives in a pocket or clipped onto my belt using a Nutshell leather case (which includes a pen holder ideal for a Space Pen).

iPod touch

When taking tunes or movies on the go with me, the 16GB iPod touch is a must. Mine is crammed with music, audio books and movies. It's also great for surfing the web and checking email.


Jawbone II

There are three things I look for from a Bluetooth headset:
  • Call clarity
  • Comfort
  • Good battery life

The Aliph Jawbone II satisfies all three of these criteria. It takes some time to get the fit right, but once you have it, you can wear this all day without knowing it. And the NoiseAssassin noise-canceling technology really does work.


Over the years I've handled hundreds, maybe even thousands, of USB keys, but for daily carry nothing beats the IronKey.


Not only do I like the robustness of the IronKey (basically, if something is going to break the IronKey while it's in my pocket, I'm not going to be in a state to worry about it!), but I also love the hassle-free encryption where the drive just handles it all for me.

SureFire E2D LED

There's nothing like being able to shed light into the darkest corners. The SureFire E2D LED is a bit of a compromise for me because while I'm not all that thrilled by the "crenellated Strike Bezel" because it can shred pockets, I do love the compact size of the flashlight and the variable 5/120 lumens output of the LED.


Leatherman TTi Charge

My Leatherman TTi Charge has opened, upgraded and fastened up countless PCs and yet it looks as good as they day I bought it.


Fisher Space Pen

I've carried Fisher Space Pens for years and while I have had one break (a crack appeared in the barrel, and the pen was promptly replaced), I've never had one leak or run out on me. My personal favorite is the matte black Bullet with clip. The write at all angles feature comes in handy sometimes, but the write on all surfaces ink is handy a lot of the time.

Strangely enough, I've also never lost one!


Steward/Strand stainless steel wallet

I'm harsh on wallets, but I've yet to wear out a Steward/Strand stainless steel wallet. I don't consider myself cool enough to have an all-stainless steel one so mine is leather clad.


At first I was dubious about this, and thought that the stainless steel would be harsh, but it feels oddly like silk.

Honorable mentions ...

  • Texas Instruments TI-89 calculator - Not something I carry, but it lives on my desk. This has more than enough buttons to keep me happy! TI-89 owners who are studying math at college/university should also check out the TI-89 apps over on SmartSoft, makers of Calculus Made Easy. These are some of the best math teaching aids I've come across.
  • Nintendo DS - I thought that my iPod touch would have replaced my DS by now, but it hasn't. It helps to keep me quiet of long journeys!

What's your daily carry?

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