YouTube now offering monetized live streams, real-time analytics

YouTube Live is celebrating its first birthday by handing out some gifts to others, including pay-per-view streaming and "professional-looking" video software.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

YouTube Live, the live-streaming arm of Google's video social network, is getting bigger and better after one year on the web.

The gifts being handed out are really for those on the video development and production end, offering them more resources for better live streams and making more money at the same time.

That last point might mean the biggest difference for the advancement of YouTube Live, even though the platform is still growing as not everyone who has signed up for YouTube Live has been granted production access yet.

Basically, YouTube Live is now offering pay-per-view streaming capabilities. The live video can either be paid for with advertising or asking the viewers to pay themselves, with prices varying by country.

To further figure out what you're getting from YouTube Live, real-time analytics and insights are also rolling out with information about playbacks and concurrent viewers of live streams by geography and format.

Additional treats include a guided flow for setting up and previewing live events as well as free software for producing "professional-looking" events straight from your desktop.

Screenshot via YouTube Live


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