YouTube on marketers: Won't be 'messing it up'

If Suzie Reider, CMO, YouTube, has her way, marketers won’t be “messing up
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
If Suzie Reider, CMO, YouTube, has her way, marketers won’t be “messing up” YouTube anytime soon. Reider reasserted YouTube’s clip culture philosophy at an AdTech panel in NYC this morning: “The Online Video Revolution: A Marketer’s Dream or a Consumer-Generated Mess?" 

Reider began her remarks by stating Google-YouTube’s straightforward mission:

Become the greatest entertainment destination in the world. 

Reider evoked many pre-Google, YouTube slogans:

The community is in control,
65,000 videos uploaded daily,
’Well over’ 100 million videos watched daily,
Artists can rise up and be found, at YouTube.


Before “Chad and Steve” giddily celebrated their sell-out to Google in their own YouTube snack-sized video, the YouTube founders dutifully followed the Google advertising line during the official Google conference call announcing the acquisition.

Chad Hurley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer: 

This will allow us to, you know, with Google’s success in building a revolutionary new ad platform, this has inspired us to create a new model…

In terms of pre-roll advertising specifically, I think we’re going to be exploring a lot of options, you know, utilizing Google’s advance ad technologies and you know, presenting a good experience that you know, benefits our users experience and also helps our partners monetise their content.

Reider is eager to “bring marketers into the YouTube community in a meaningful way,”  as long as they won’t be “messing it up.”

How can marketers hitch on to the Google-YouTube bandwagon without “messing it up”?

Reider suggested acceptable ways for marketers to get placement at Google-YouTube would be to sponsor the YouTube “front door,” or to buy a PVA, participatory video ad.

Although Reider has close to 20 years media experience, she expressed dismay that marketers ask for quantitative evidence of the worth of the YouTube clip culture, such as a “Dynamic Logic” marketing effectiveness study.

Reider is also concerned about a possible “flood of video inventory” hitting the online ad market.

She noted “hundreds of millions of video impressions coming onto the marketplace” could spark a MySpace - Facebook type CPM deflation. Reider underscored that the social networking fueled explosion of ad inventory caused CPMs for standard IAB ad units to go “through the floor.”

While Reider decried the impact of Facebook and MySpace user generatred content on the online ad market, she nevertheless expressed confidence in YouTube’s consumer generated content.

During the audience Q & A, Reider asserted: 

Even if we stripped out all of the professional content (copyright protected studio owned work) on YouTube, it would still be a very robust entertainment platform.

Perhaps she was thinking of the snack sized clip-culture currently “featured” at YouTube:

“Ben takes a photo of himself everyday”
“My hands are bananas”
”Singing on the beach”
”Male restroom etiquette”


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