YTC hotel guests to get ethernet solution

Find out what's in store for guests as YTC hotel group upgrades its technology.
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SINGAPORE - inter-touch Pty Ltd, a provider of broadband services to the hospitality, business and related industries, today announced that it is powering the 3 hotels of the YTC hotel group in Singapore with Ethernet-based high-speed Internet access. inter-touch won these deals in competitive pitches against a number of Internet technology providers.

Covering Peninsula, Excelsior and Paramount hotels, this deal will translate into a total of 836 rooms being connected. inter-touch has already been launched at the Orchard Hotel and Copthorne Harbour View and PSA Singapore Expo.

With inter-touch's installation the 'future-proof' infrastructure, these hotels will be geared to provide state-of-the-art broadband facilities to their guests.

According to Augustine Han, Executive Director,YTC Hotels, "This partnership with inter-touch is a commitment to our guests. We are happy to provide them with faster connectivity at extremely affordable rates. inter-touch's technological solution is truly a great opportunity for hoteliers to benefit from through increased revenue potential and guest satisfaction."

With inter-touch guests can now access the Internet simply by plugging the Ethernet cable in their room into the Network card of their laptop, turn on their computer and click their web browser. They do not need a telephone line, modem, Internet Service Provider, special software or new computer settings. inter-touch's technological solution will enable a high-speed, convenient and easy-to-use connection to the Internet.

Commenting on the deal, Jan Strijker, Managing Director, inter-touch Asia Pacific stated, "Singapore being a key business and tourist hub is an important market for us. The signing of these deals is a significant milestone for inter-touch. It is witness to the fact that the hospitality industry is recognizing the importance of inter-touch's technological solution and philosophy on future technologies in the present context. By installing inter-touch's managed infrastructure, YTC Hotels will position themselves at the forefront of all future emerging in-room guest services depending on structured cabling."

According to John Poon, General Manager, inter-touch Singapore, "We are committed to partnering with the hospitality industry and are happy about this tie-up with the YTC group. With our broadband services, we endeavour to help guests keep in touch with their world in an easy and cost-effective way. Our aim is not only to provide easy Internet access but also to give hotels the infrastructure to potentially offer a plethora of broadband services like video-on-demand in the near future."

6,662 hotel rooms across Asia Pacific are currently online with inter-touch, with a further 11,000 rooms currently under contract to be installed.

The solution

inter-touch provides travellers with an easy- to- use, high-speed (up to 100 Mb per second) access at a rate of SS $ 0.91 per minute up to a cap of SS$ 36.26 per day inclusive of tax which means that if a guest spends more than 40 minutes on the Internet per day, the rest of the time, usage is free of charge. The charges are included as part of the guest's hotel bill. Aside from resident guests, meeting attendees that use conference facilities at the hotel can also enjoy inter-touch TEAMWORK, which offers Internet access in all meeting and conference rooms. Using inter-touch TEAMWORK, a meeting coordinator can set up a web-enabled boardroom with a pre-configured 7 to 14-user boardroom kit in a matter of minutes. This facility will allow guests to convene on-line meetings, exchange data, web training and a host of other web applications including video conferencing.

The charges are automatically tracked by inter-touch BRIDGE TM, an advanced billing system that is integrated into the hotel's Property Management System, and are included as part of the guest's hotel bill.

About inter-touch
inter-touch is a global multinational company, with operations throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, South Pacific, that provides broadband services and emerging Internet based technologies to the hospitality, airline, convention centre, apartment and other corporate business vertical markets.

inter-touch installs and implements state-of- the-art communication network platforms, layering multiple products and services that are targeted at its consumer based customers. inter-touch now has over 25,000 installed hotel rooms, 37 airline lounges and five convention centres worldwide making the company a supplier of Broadband technologies to its target vertical markets. It operates in 54 countries with 24 direct offices and 20 distribution partners.

inter-touch established its first Asia Pacific office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 1999 and has now established its regional headquarters in Singapore to manage its network of offices and distributors throughout Asia. inter-touch is also represented in People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka.
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