ZAGG Slim Book for the iPad: Most versatile keyboard yet

This keyboard case for the iPad may be the best option currently available.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
I discovered the Slim Book keyboard case by visiting ZAGG's web site, where it is on prominent display befitting a new product. With the iPad in the lid of the Slim Book, it's possible to adjust the tablet to a range of viewing angles to fit any environment.
ZAGG Slim Book for iPad
(Image: ZAGG)

What sets the Slim Book apart from other keyboard cases for the iPad is how the tablet in the lid attaches to the keyboard. According to ZAGG it attaches magnetically, which allows for easy detachment of the iPad for use without the keyboard.

It is also possible to attach the iPad to the keyboard backwards, forming a stand for viewing video and similar activities. You can also fold the keyboard behind the iPad for using as a tablet while still attached. That makes four modes the Slim Book supports: laptop, detached tablet, attached tablet, and stand. This makes the aptly named Slim Book a very versatile option for those needing a keyboard for the iPad.

ZAGG claims a whopping two year battery life, based on an hour use a day. That is the longest battery life I've seen on a keyboard for the iPad. Note: Logitech informs me that its Ultrathin Keyboard Cover also gets two years on a charge.

According to the ZAGG website, the Slim Book is available for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and the iPad mini. At the time of publication, it's out of stock for the iPad Air 2, not yet available for the iPad Air, and available for the iPad mini. It is priced at $129.99 for both iPad Air models and $119.99 for the iPad mini.

Even though ZAGG states the iPad Air model of the Slim Book is not yet available, it is on sale at Amazon. I ordered one that will be here shortly, and plan a full review once I have it.

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