ZDNet Cloud TV: Impact on CIO role (highlights)

Golden Agri-Resources CIO Miao Song shares how cloud enables CIOs to be a bigger part of the business and the preparations needed in the lead up to its implementation.
Written by Ryan Huang, Contributor

Golden Agri-Resources is the world's second largest palm oil plantation company, with substantial operations in Indonesia and across other parts of the region.

In recent years, the company has embarked on various cloud computing projects such as implementing enterprise-wide email and collaboration tools, with HR functions next on the cards.

"Previously if you did on-premise implementation like ERP, it would take years to get the solution implemented, but nowadays with cloud you're able to implement the solution in months," said Miao Song, CIO of Golden Agri-Resources.

This is great for scaling up, and frees up the CIO to focus on value-added conversations for the business, Song added, "to be part of the business, rather than just an IT leader".

Part of getting ready for the cloud rollout included educating senior management on the cost benefits and security issues. The IT team was also sent for training to beef up specific skillsets and knowledge areas such as understanding how a product works and linking it the function to a bussiness need, and vendor management in a cloud context.

If you want to find out more, watch the full video.

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