ZDNet Health IT Roundup: IBM builds a brain chip

IBM Is at work trying to build a chip inspired by the human brain. It's not science fiction, although in a world where Big Brother is either the NSA or Facebook (or Google or Amazon), having a Brainiac computer might be a little worrisome. Read on for that and some other health, cloud, and big data news from around ZDNet
Written by Denise Amrich, Contributor

Welcome to this week's ZDNet Health IT Roundup. Our crew here at ZDNet work around the clock from all over the world. In addition to my own regular health-related column, I'll showcase a selection of health IT-related articles posted by worldwide team. Here are some articles you may find interesting.

Top health IT story

IBM Research unveils new chip architecture inspired by the human brain
The long-term goal is to build a chip with 10 billion neurons and a hundred trillion synapses -- all while only consuming roughly a kilowatt of power and taking up less than two liters in volume.

Other health-related IT coverage around ZDNet

Here's Why Healthcare Businesses Must Efficiently Manage Their Suppliers, Purchases and Processes
MedAssets, in partnership with Ariba, an SAP company, has found ways to improve health provider and supplier compliance, reduce costs, and develop better accuracy.

Analysis: IBM and Pennsylvania share blame in massive IT train wreck
A huge IT failure illustrates problems that arise when customer and system integrator do not fulfil their responsibilities and obligations.

To run IT as a business, strip it down to the core
The movement to cloud is refocusing IT on business differentiation -- while laying bare processes and technologies that really aren't essential to the core business.

Box spins Embed, OneCloud for educational use at K-12 schools, universities
Box boasted that "more than 100 universities and hundreds of K-12 institutions" are already using its cloud storage and apps platform.

Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure top cloud dev choices, says survey
Based on Forrester's data, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a lead, but Windows Azure and Google's cloud isn't far behind.

G-Cloud 4 framework opens doors to cloud vendors
Cloud companies need to register now if they want their slice of business done through the UK government's CloudStore.

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