ZDNet Health IT Roundup: putting data to work in healthcare and the trouble with VDI

As part of our ongoing coverage, this week we focus on a bunch of cloud and big data stories that, while not strictly healthcare-related, cover topics that virtually all health IT professionals will need to explore and implement.
Written by Denise Amrich, Contributor

Welcome to this week's ZDNet Health IT Roundup. Our crew here at ZDNet work around the clock from all over the world. In addition to my own regular health-related column, I'll showcase a selection of health IT-related articles posted by worldwide team. Here are some articles you may find interesting.

Top health IT stories

PayPal co-founder on 'putting data to work' in healthcare with Glow app
Max Levchin suggested big data will take root first within "industries where data is measurable and outcomes are verifiable."

The trouble with VDI
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, where you run your desktops from servers, often sounds like a good IT idea, but it often doesn't work out that well. Here's why.

Other health and related IT coverage around ZDNet

5 ways to take the opaqueness out of cloud contracts
If your data goes down, who's responsible? Not the cloud provider. But there are ways to strengthen an enterprise's negotiating position.

Cloud contracts vague on security; more transparency needed
Cloud contracts contain vague terms and weak promises that ultimately affect satisfaction among users, according to the research firm.

The "One Device" is the natural evolution of Post-PC
Computing Convergence, driven by an overwhelming desire in the future to reduce cost, consolidate form factors and enterprise infrastructure will be backed up with services running on powerful Clouds.

Qld and NZ to share health data
The governments of Queensland and New Zealand have signed an agreement to share health data, IT procurement, strategies, and planning.

Cisco, NetApp team on boosting FlexPod portfolio for heavy data workloads
Verticals that could fit the target audience for NetApp's latest data workload solution debut include healthcare, utility companies, and even the entertainment industry.

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