ZDNet UK: faster, smarter, still IT all the way

Faster, easier to navigate and with a superior search, the new ZDNet UK is ready for you now. Don't hold back in telling us your thoughts
Written by Rupert Goodwins, Contributor

Welcome to the new ZDNet UK.

It's our biggest overhaul since 2006, and the new site is faster, sharper and better connected.

We know from research — and from being web users ourselves — that speed makes all the difference between useful and hopeless. The new ZDNet UK will deliver content up to eight times faster than the old version — and that's not an 'up to 2Mbps' broadband-style non-promise. That's what most people will see, most of the time.

We've also completely overhauled the site navigation. Delivering new content that's closely related to what you're looking for is far more important than having lots of pathways through the site available all the time. Our pages are uncomplicated, quicker to read and faster at delivering related content, and topic-based navigation will make it easier to browse through everything on a subject.

There's a brand-new search engine too, and it's the best search we've ever had on ZDNet UK by miles. But there's no point in talking about it when it's waiting at the top of the page. Try it out for yourself.

One thing that hasn't changed is the content. We're committed to quality IT journalism, and that commitment is stronger than ever. However, our job doesn't end at the edges of the site: with a new emphasis on social networking, you'll be seeing ZDNet UK people all over the web, taking part in discussions and being useful members of the larger enterprise IT world.

Our on-site community is also changing. As before, registered members can create their own blogs. These are full parts of the site, integrated with the content we produce, as are the Talkbacks. We've streamlined other parts of the ZDNet UK community, making it easier, quicker and more secure. One area we're particularly glad to have improved is registration, which is now a lot simpler and far less fuss, especially if you just want to leave a comment.

You'll see many other changes, both immediately and over the next few weeks. It's not perfect — not yet! — and we want your feedback on the new site.

Go and see what you think. There's lots more to explore — and lots more to come.

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