ZDNet UK's Android app is ready for action

When we launched our first mobile app, we promised we'd be back with more.Now we are - and we've gone Android.
Written by Rupert Goodwins, Contributor

When we launched our first mobile app, we promised we'd be back with more.

Now we are - and we've gone Android. That app couldn't come soon enough for the ZDNet UK editorial staff - who are, almost to a fault, Android users - and we know that also it's the most popular mobile OS among our readers.

Not that we've abandoned our Apple brethren. Far from it: it's the same app on Apple and Android, and both will get upgrades and enhancements as we do more and more in mobile.

ZDNet UK Android app
Android users can scan the code to load the app directly.

Apart from such ecumenical matters, what's new? Well, you can now switch easily between the various global ZDNet sites in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Blogs have their own tab, as does Twitter, which comes pre-filtered to calm down torrential timeline overload.

The graphics are better, the offline storage of stories is even more stonking, and there are other improvements beneath the hood which we hope will make it even easier to catch up on the latest IT news and opinion.

And it's still free, wherever you are, whatever phone you're using.

There's no secret that we think mobile's the future, so expect more from us as we make good on that call. And let us know what you'd like to see: it's your future: we're here to help you build it.

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