ZDNetGovWeek: It's all about the RSPECT, plus breaches, Brazilians, and burqas

While President Obama can't get no "RSPECT," the retail world is scrambling in the wake of the Target breach (and yet, my wife shopped there for hours today), even Iran can't stop Facebook, and Brazil wants to build an undersea cable.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

ZDNet's worldwide team provides global 24/7 technology news and analysis. In addition to my own coverage analysis here in the ZDNet Government column and on ZDNet's DIY-IT, every week I'll bring you a selection of the best government-related articles posted by our intrepid reporters and analysts. Here are some of the most interesting from the last week.

A note on RSPECT for our leaders

I have have nothing but respect for America's top leaders... well, that's not strictly true. Let's try that again. America's leaders deserve our respect... no, that's not it. Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me... yeah, that more like how we feel when talking about our nation's politicians. And yes, I'm fully aware there's no tech news in that, but I ain't lyin'... it was just too good to pass up.

Top stories this week

MasterCard, Visa form group to push better payment security
The talks, as well as actual movement on enhancing the payment system in the U.S., was sparked by the data breach at Target that affected 110 million accounts.

Visa CFO: 'Quite a bit of investment' needed to install chip technology
Visa CFO Byron Pollitt explains why the Target data breach could spur a little investment boom as retailers scramble to upgrade infrastructure to cut fraud.

Minister admits Iran cannot block Facebook
Iran's culture minister has compared the country's internet filtering system with the nation's ban on fax machines and video tapes in the 1980s.

We're building undersea cable to thwart US spying, say Brazil and Europe
A joint EU-Brazil plan to lay a new submarine cable looks to have been prompted by fears of communications interception by the NSA.

Other government coverage around ZDNet

Companies brace for Brazil local data storage requirements
What started as a debate around privacy is now becoming a money matter

Data retention needed to police the police: Integrity Commission
The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity has said that requiring telcos to retain customer data for a set period of time will help investigate law enforcement corruption.

Turnbull to probe Conroy's NBN advice
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that there will be an independent audit into the advice the former Labor government received when it decided to create the National Broadband Network.

Australian government begins rebuild of ID verification system
The Australian government has awarded Oakton an AU$4.8 million, four-year contract to overhaul its troubled document verification service.

Labor tries to force NBN Co to keep Tasmanian fibre rolling
Labor will introduce legislation into the Senate today aimed at forcing NBN Co to keep rolling out fibre to 200,000 Tasmanian premises.

Google warns of unfettered website blocking power
Google has asked the Australian government to review the power given to agencies to compel ISPs to block websites.

Labour Party gaff reveals 'digital bill of rights' on policy agenda
New Zealand's Labour Party appears set to co-opt a key policy from Kim Dotcom's nascent Internet Party.

SAP specialist appointed to $1.5 billion tax transformation project
New Zealand tax department denies SAP is favoured for the biggest IT project in New Zealand history.

Australian govt departments want to keep power to censor websites
Three Australian government agencies that have used the Telecommunications Act to force ISPs to block sites have indicated to the government that they intend to use that power again.

New Human Services front line system takes blame for legacy tech
The Australian Department of Human Services' customer-facing system Customer First is taking the blame for issues that are often not the fault of the new system.

Google Maps opens gallery for charts from businesses, gov't agencies
The Google Maps team has been ramping up its game to serve commercial customers, from app developers to enterprise Apps subscribers.

E-health record signup boost on back of public hospital push
A total of 1.4 million Australians have registered for an e-health record as public hospitals have been increasingly encouraging patients to sign up for the service.

Union slams Tasmanian NBN trial as election stunt
The Communications Union has branded NBN Co's trial of fibre via Aurora's power poles as a political stunt, because NBN Co has used that deployment method in the past.

NBN target easier to beat than we expected: Switkowski
NBN Co executive chairman Dr Ziggy Switkowski has admitted that NBN Co's low target for existing premises passed by fibre at the end of June this year is likely to be easily beaten.

Accenture selected for child support system overhaul
The Australian Department of Human Services has chosen Accenture to deliver its new AU$102.2 million child support payment system.

Turn back the files: Privacy Act cops rap for federal anachronisms
The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection says the Privacy Act forces it to ask holders of confidential electronic documents to return them to the department.

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