ZDNet's CeBIT pitch comp winner

Companies flocked to ZDNet Australia's stand at CeBIT to pitch their wares for our pitching competition. We're now pleased to announce the winner.
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Companies flocked to ZDNet Australia's stand at CeBIT to pitch their wares for our pitching competition. We're now pleased to announce the winner.

The companies had 60 seconds on video to tell us about what they do and why they should win our pitching competition and receive a lead generation campaign or roundtable event from CBS Interactive.

We had more entries than we expected, but in the end we could only choose one. After long deliberation, we decided to present the prize to:

  • Sustainability Measures

    With energy prices on the rise and a unit cost for carbon being debated, saving power is on everyone's mind (or should be!). Sustainability Measures is a consulting firm that offers UK product ecoDriver, an application that provides real-time information on energy, water and gas use. The application is able to capture information from different sources such as gas and energy meters and has multi-country capability.

    As ever, the more data a company has, the better informed it is to act. The tool could help Australian businesses reduce their carbon footprints.

    In his pitch, Sustainability Measures owner Bas Breure tells ZDNet Australia about ecoDriver.

The runners up

These companies' pitches were great and only beaten by a hair. So congratulations!

  • Kaseya

    Managing director, Australia and New Zealand, Dermot McCann shares how Kaseya's approach is like an automated Swiss Army knife for IT.

  • LogMeIn

    Director of LogMeIn Asia Pacific, Andy Farquharson, dropped by to tell ZDNet Australia about the company's work with remote desktop and virtual office management.

  • Metropage

    Metropage manufactures kiosk technology that works in a similar fashion to ATMs, even through glass. Marketing manager and CIO, Jonathan Bolton, told us all about it.

  • Worldsmart Retail

    Operations manager Gregory Conran explained to ZDNet Australia how Worldsmart integrates point of sales and CCTV systems.

The field

Thank you to all that took the time to chat about their companies on camera. There are some very interesting businesses outlined in the following pitches.

Which would you have given the prize to? Tell us in the comments section below.

  • Andor Systems

    Aaron Bennett, senior account manager of Andor Systems, works with everything from datacentre applications to IP telephony installations.

  • Apps-House

    Apps-House founder Gila Rakusin-Frankl explained how her company creates mobile applications at a reasonable cost for small to medium-sized businesses, while focusing on consumers.

  • Aurecon

    Head of Aurecon's business development, data and telecommunications, Stephen Negus, told ZDNet Australia how his company is excited to be involved in the NBN and datacentres.

  • Australian Mobile Awards

    Creative director Australian Mobile Awards, Mark Bergin, told ZDNet Australia how readers can win $5000 in the Mobile Awards.

  • AVAMS Productions

    AVAMS Productions producer, Bruce Ryan, talked about restoring video content to put in the National Archives.

  • BioDetectors

    BioDetectors chairman, William Horton, talked about how his company uses IT systems to detect infectious diseases.

  • Digital Tasmania

    Spokesperson for Digital Tasmania, Andrew Connor, outlined his organisation's lobbying efforts for Tasmanians.

  • Hostworks

    General manager of technology, strategy and innovation for Hostworks, Adrian Britton, shared some of the hosting services his company provides.

  • IP Config

    IT consultant, Malcolm Bruce, described his plan to host a Chinese-built electric aircraft at the Oaks Airfield outside Sydney, which will be able to be booked online. Bruce is looking for investors, who should contact him on mal@mals.net.

  • Karma Currency Foundation

    Ash Rosshandler, founder of the Karma Currency Foundation, described his start-up, which specialises in online charity gift vouchers.

  • LeadMaster Australia

    LeadMaster Australia sales manager, Aurelie Cornu, talked about the company's web-based CRM offering.

  • Motion Computing

    Motion Computing Australia and New Zealand country manager, Brett Gross, displayed the company's new tablet product, the CL900.

  • NAS Australia

    NAS Australia products director, David Dargie, talked about a TangoTec product it sells, which allows old wiring to carry high-definition data applications by using a combination of telephone, coaxial cable and power lines.

  • Reclaim Your Game

    Reclaim Your Game managing partner, Martin Pham, explained how his IT services company helps games publishers and DRM vendors create better products and services.

  • Sitecore Australia

    Sitecore Australia product evangelist, Greg Baxter, outlined how the content management system his company sells helps customers such as Linfox, Jetstar, Canon and Panasonic.

  • Soup

    Conversation catalyst, Kathleen Gunther, from word-of-mouth marketing agency, Soup, spoke about how word-of-mouth marketing works.

  • South Eastern Centre for Sustainability

    Ian Morrison, treasurer of the South Eastern Centre for Sustainability, talked about work in education and the environment.

  • Spin Your Web

    Matthew Arraiza explained how the business he founded, Spin Your Web, helps small to medium businesses develop a global web presence through services like shopping carts and search engine optimisation.

  • Sydney Cash Registers

    Jon Brewster, owner of Sydney Cash Registers, explained how he distributes point-of-sale technology.

  • System Partners

    Maarten Baay of System Partners dropped by the ZDNet Australia stand to talk about his company's work in software and platform development, as well as partner implementation.

  • Tata Group

    AGM-Marketing Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited, Sridhar Ramani, told ZDNet Australia how Tata Group is looking for Australian companies to set up offices in India.

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