Zendesk using analytics to understand 'silent' customers

Zendesk's Search Analytics feature is touted to provide insights about how customers try to help themselves with self-service content to solve problems without contacting support agents.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Cloud-based help desk software provider Zendesk is rolling out an analytics tool set that aims to enable its business clients to better understand "silent" customers.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding big data, social media, and analytics as to how these and other resources can be put to use to better understand customers today. Nevertheless, there are always going to be people that are harder to identify and toss into a demographic.

With Zendesk's Search Analytics feature, the idea is to get insight about how these silent users try to help themselves by using self-service content to solve problems without contacting customer service departments -- or when they give up.

Approximately 36 percent of online customers already prefer finding their own answers rather than talking to a support agent, according to Zendesk senior marketing writer Dave Mongan.

Some of the metrics that will be presented on the Zendesk Search Analytics dashboard focus on benchmarking data, how users reach out for help (i.e. self-search, using help forums, or calling in) as well as advanced reporting from business intelligence firm GoodData.

Thus, this kind of information has the potential to save a lot of money for Zendesk clients as they could be better informed about customer satisfaction while being able to lower support costs -- whether their self-help methods work or not as there could be a better chance at fixing a disconnect between the company and the customer.

Screenshot via Zendesk


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