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ZERO1 Biennial - 'Seeking Silicon Valley' through arts and technology

If you are visiting the Silicon Valley area, check out 'ZERO1' - the three-month long arts festival across Silicon Valley and beyond kicks-off this week.
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor


ZERO1 Executive Director Joel Slayton and Jaime Austin - Curator and Director of Programs for ZERO1

The ZERO1 Biennial, a three month long festival of art and technology begins today in San Jose with the theme "Seeking Silicon Valley."

This year the festival has expanded from its San Jose base and has events planned in San Francisco and across the Bay Area. There are more than 100 arts installations and 40 arts museums, galleries, and studios taking part.

Jaime Austin, Curator and Director of Programs for ZERO1, said that the idea for the theme "Seeking Silicon Valley" came from her experiences from meeting visiting artists at the airport and their wish to see Silicon Valley.

"I would drive them around to the eBay campus, and Yahoo! but there's nothing much to see, the architecture is like a business park, nothing to distinguish Silicon Valley from anywhere."

"I also realized that Silicon Valley is as much an idea as it is a place, and that people from all over the world have their idea of Silicon Valley."

ZERO1 has partnered with curators from South Korea, London, Amsterdam and Berlin, to help bring together a broad range of artistic opinions on the topic of "Silicon Valley."

The (e)MERGE Street Festival this Friday, September 14, 6pm to midnight is a great introduction to ZERO1.

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