Zignal Labs and SurveyMonkey partner up to bring continual updates for 2016 election

Keeping ahead of the election issues has become a little easier with the new partnership between Zignal Labs and SurveyMonkey.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Digitally connected voters have the ability to influence perception about Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton with a swipe of a finger.

Keeping up with what is really influencing these perception changes takes a lot of social media analysis and quick responses from the public.

San Francisco, Calif.-based analytics company Zignal Labs has partnered with Palo Alto, Calif.-based survey and insights platform SurveyMonkey to create a 'cross-media analytics and survey research platform' for marketers.

The initial offering will enable the SurveyMonkey Election Tracking capabilities within the Zignal dashboard. This will enable rapid online polling to try to bring some clarity to the key issues for voters.

With the twists and turns of the 2016 election, which change perception about the candidates from hour to hour, conversations about topics can be tracked to see how they are resonating across the media landscape.

Quick access to detailed analytics provides essential context for polls so that we can get a good idea about who is currently in the lead in the race to the White House.

The partnership means research that previously took weeks to accomplish can now be completed in less than 48 hours.

SurveyMonkey's public opinion research is now integrated into the Zignal dashboard generating customised reports. SurveyMonkey receives over three million survey responses every day.

Customers can use SurveyMonkey's research features to dive deeper into underlying issues and trends of the election.

"The Speaker's office is always looking for better ways to reach people where they are," said Caleb Smith, digital communications director for House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"With the insights available from this new partnership, we'll be able to make even more informed, data-driven decisions about how to effectively communicate our vision for getting the country back on track."

Josh Ginsberg, CEO of Zignal Labs, said: "By harnessing the power of Zignal's real-time cross-media analytics with SurveyMonkey's online polling, communications professionals will always stay one step ahead and know the facts behind a particular issue."

With the speed that perception during the 2016 presidential election is changing, early insight can only be a good thing.

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