ZionEyez unveils 'social media eyeglasses'

ZionEyez announces "Eyez", eyeglasses equipped with a built-in 1080p HD camera and 16GB of flash memory, designed to stream first-person video to your favorite social site.
Written by Robin Harris, Contributor

I'm usually a pretty open-minded person. In my line of work, innovation and crazy ideas are a staple. It's part of the reason I enjoy what I do. However, I have to draw the line somewhere.

ZionEyez recently announced "Eyez", a pair of glasses that will supposedly 'revolutionize' video on social networking sites. The goal here is to provide a first-person perspective from a more conspicuous version of a helmet-cam that streams HD 1080p video via Bluetooth or USB to your computer, tablet or mobile device. The social tie-in is being able to stream the video straight to your favorite social networking sites.

Their press release reads as if first-person-video-on-a-website-from-your-everyday-Joe Q. Public-for- everyone-to-see' is a brand new idea. When you go to their website, it's flash-heavy, enshrouded in dramatic music and provides a 'Place Order' link that spawns a window containing placeholder copy from lipsum.org. Sigh.

All I see so far is less revolution and more known technology with the words 'social media' attached it. ZionEyez, the "social media company" (it says that on their website) should consider chilling out on the buzz words and concentrate more on delivering their own version of putting personal video on the internet.

Sorry guys, a product that does what most of us are already doing isn't innovation. Also, a little website QA goes a long way. :-)

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