Zoom unveils an AI-powered collaborative workplace, Zoom Docs

Think Google Docs but jacked with lots of AI features and integrated into Zoom.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor

Since Zoom first became a cornerstone of hybrid workflows with the onset of the pandemic, generative AI rose to fame. As a result, Zoom has been finding ways to incorporate the technology into its platform, and its latest attempt is through Zoom Docs. 

Zoom Docs is an AI-supported, collaborative document workspace tightly integrated into Zoom that gives users a space to create and collaborate on projects. 

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Zoom's take on traditional document editors like Google Docs or Microsoft Word has the same formatting options, including text formatting, chart and table options, and more. 

However, what makes it stand out is its integration with Zoom, which allows users to leverage Zoom's AI Companion to accomplish a series of tasks, such as populating the Doc with content from Zoom Meetings or Team Chat messages. 

Zoom's AI Companion can also assist with the Doc editing process by editing for Doc tones, summarizing Doc content, brainstorming and generating Doc text, and more. 

Because Zoom Doc is natively embedded into Zoom, it is easier to access than using a third-party application, which involves having to screen share and toggle to different screens at the same time. 

Zoom Docs can be found across Zoom's workspace, including Meetings, Team Chat, desktop, web, and mobile apps, according to the release. 

To foster a collaborative workspace environment, Zoom Docs also features ways to assign tasks, mention colleagues, add comments, and more. 

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"Zoom is helping our customers by bringing the definition of a 'doc' into 2023 — with powerful document authoring and collaboration capabilities, modern collaboration tools, and a next-gen workspace built from the ground up with AI at its heart; Zoom Docs is that solution," said Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom.

Zoom Docs is not available yet but is expected to be generally available in 2024, according to the company. 

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