Zscaler brings email security to cloud, accounts for multiple devices

ZScaler adds email security by scanning emails before the leave or enter the company's data-protected environment, from the cloud and powered by the most recent data.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Zscaler, a SaaS security company that has been offering a web security product for two years, today said it is expanding that portfolio to include e-mail security.

When it comes to remote access to e-mail, the BlackBerry was just the beginning. Under that scenario - as well as the hosted e-mail or even VPN-protected access at home - the company always maintained a level of security over what went in and what went out of the network.

But the number of access entry points - whether it's a free WiFi connection at the airport, a mobile broadband aircard from a commuter train or a smartphone running over 3G - has increased, giving users increased access. Sure, for a mobile workforce, that's a good thing. But for an IT department charged with securing sensitive company data, it can be scary.

By putting that security gate in the cloud, Zscaler is scrutinizing inbound emails with real-time anti-spam and anti-virus software updates directly from the cloud, as well as verifying that outbound emails are secure before hitting the open Internet.

Among the features that the e-mail security system comes with is a Data Leak Protection system that allows to set granular data rules for scanning emails and attachments for specific keywords, number configurations (such as the social security number format), or types of files.

The service is available immediately and is priced from $1 to $5 per user per month, depending on the size of the company and number of services ordered.

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