Adoraboos: Back-to-school blockchain virtual gaming app launches for iOS and Android

As school closures impact all 50 states and nearly two billion students worldwide, a new gaming app offers virtual learning for standardized test preparation, blockchain, social and emotional education, for all ages returning to school.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

A new app has recently been released that offers virtual SAT prep, teaches blockchain, computer training, and social and emotional education for students heading back to school at home or otherwise.

California-based app development studio MyDream Interactive has released Adoraboos. a multi-level interactive educational gaming app for iOS and Google Play.

The Adoraboos app helps fill education gaps caused by the interruption of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interactive app features mini-games to educate users in subjects including standardized test preparation, blockchain, cyber-security, sustainability, and social/emotional learning.

The characters in the game, the Adoraboos, are virtual learning characters within the app who make learning from home more enjoyable for the user. Users can play mini-games to boost vocabulary and technical skills in multiple subjects during free moments throughout the day.

They can be used to participate in a special gaming challenge where they can improve through level ups, as well as earning new hats, glasses, masks, clothes, and paintbrushes.

The app's mini-games are part of a progressive learning system where users can discover and retain knowledge by being able to start with the introduction to a term, learning how to spell it, learning the definition, and finally matching the term to the definition.

The app then challenges their understanding of terms with a contextual assertion quiz.

Featured games include ‍Dragger (drag through matching block types to form the highlighted term, as a way to learn the term, and its definition), ‍Definitions (assemble the definition for the provided term from assorted phrase fragment tiles), and Decipher (unscramble the highlighted term from the assortment of letters on the screen, to practice the spelling of the terms).

‍Other games include a multiple-choice quiz, and the Adora Battle (popping balloons). Users learn about blockchain by playing games, solving puzzles, and can create their own educational content.

Back-to-school blockchain virtual gaming app launches on iOS and Android zdnet
MyDream Interactive

They can also gain levels in subjects such as SAT prep, computer operations, blockchain, cybersecurity, social and emotional learning, and networking,

The game offers a collection of learning modules to increase technical vocabulary and build the learning base. The app is intended to keep students on track and provide some relief for parents concerned about their children's education according to the founder of MyDream Interactive.

Founder Allison Huynh said: "As a mother and entrepreneur, I've dedicated much of my work to providing educational gaming tools for kids, and I'm truly excited to introduce The Adoraboos – a fun, creative learning tool that can help address the current education crisis as many students prepare to stay home instead of going back to their school's campus."

Understanding blockchain is increasingly important in our digital age, yet most people don't know where to begin, or where to learn about this new technology. 

A game like this could certainly help kids to understand the basics of digital currency and cyber-security to ensure that they are well-prepared when they leave school and face it for real.

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