SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom to collaborate on blockchain ID

The two telcos will collaborate to create a "borderless" blockchain ID.
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SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom will collaborate to create a new blockchain ID that will borderless, they said.

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SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom will collaborate to create a blockchain ID with the aim to ease authentication processes, the companies have announced.

The South Korean telco will sign an memorandum of understanding to that effect with its German counterpart's research arm, T-Labs, at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The two will use blockchain technology to create a mobile digital ID that can be used for authentication, entry control, transactions, and contracts.

The ultimately aim will be to make a "borderless" ID, much like a passport, that can used across different countries.

When the ID commercialises, it could be used for those who travel from South Korea to Germany, and vice versa, the companies said.

The rolling out of 5G this year will connect more devices together and blockchain ID will find various new applications, they added.

In April, SK Telecom had adopted blockchain for subscription and customer payments.

Chat giants Kakao and Line also formed their own blockchain subsidiaries last year.

SK Telecom had also announced this week that it would be showing off its VR game offerings at MWC.

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