Buying Apple: Better returns with shares instead of products

A fun chart illustrates how much richer you would be today if you'd spent your money on Apple stock instead of Apple products.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

You gotta love people who crunch numbers to put things in perspective.

Kyle Conroy, a computer science student at UC Berkeley, took a look at the rise in Apple's stock over the years and posted a chart on his blog to look at how rich you might be today if you had taken the money you spent years ago to buy an Apple product and instead used it to buy Apple stock. (See chart preview below)

At the top of the list is the November 1997 Apple Powerbook G3 250, which sold for $5,700 back then. Today, that $5,700 investment would be worth $330,563. The $4,499 spent on a Apple Mac Server G3 266 Minitower in March 1998 would be worth $214,141 instead.

Then again, if no one had ever bought these products, the stock would have never gone up the way it did. But that's not a fun way to think about it...

How much is that 1997 Powerbook or 1998 Server worth today? You don't really want the answer to that question, do you?

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