Classroom 2.0 Book Project deadline extended

Educators! You now have until April 21st to submit contributions to the Classroom 2.0 book!
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor

As I've mentioned previously, I have the privilege of editing the upcoming Classroom 2.0 Book Project with Steve Hargadon and Richard Byrne. The book (and an accompanying collection on the web) will be a compendium of stories from educators representing best practices in a 21st Century classroom.

The deadline for educators to submit stories and articles for the book was originally this Thursday. However, Steve announced today that the deadline had been extended to coincide with the first ever Social Learning Summit, a virtual conference to take place on Saturday, April 21st. We realized that there were many possibilities for cross-pollination between the conference and submissions for the book and that we were also coming into a particularly busy conference season; extending the deadline would allow much broader participation. As Steve explained,

We particularly encourage those who are working on (or have completed!) chapters or the 5th-anniversary Classroom 2.0 book project to present, and for those presenting to consider producing a book chapter! Because this adds preparation time, we are extending the book chapter deadline from this Thursday, March 15th, to the date of the conference, April 21st. For those who have already submitted their chapters (and what a great batch we have received so far!), we'll arrange some special treatment for you as a reward for your good work!

Steve's right - we've received some outstanding submissions already. I'm looking forward to reading many more and working with authors on additional pieces. Do you have stories to share about the ways that technology has transformed teaching and learning in your school? Then you have until April 21st to get them in!

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