CommBank streamlines IT staff behind NetBank, other apps

CommBank is in the process of changing how its staff supports applications such as NetBank in a bid to become even more efficient.
Written by Michael Lee, Contributor

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank) is moving to reshape how it approaches its applications and operations services in a bid to improve efficiency.

The applications and operations team form one part of CommBank's IT staff, and is responsible for the systems behind the bank, such as its lending products, CommBiz, and NetBank. In its current structure, several teams work on a small number of systems each.

However, according to sources who are familiar with the transition, CommBank is moving to form two large groups of IT staff that will oversee a large number of projects. The move is expected to improve efficiency and reduce the bank's dependence on key staff.

ZDNet understands that less than 10 IT staff members will be made redundant in the transition, which is expected to begin next week.

CommBank declined to comment directly on the changes, but told ZDNet that such measures are a routine part of its business, and that it regularly makes such changes to "ensure better service, smoother operations, and increased efficiency."

"We have always said that our pursuit of constant improvement could result in redundancies from time to time in some areas, while in other areas more staff may be needed."

The bank stressed that it is not making huge cuts to its staff, however, drawing on statements made by CEO Ian Narev in February and April and repeated in August this year that the bank has no plans for major redundancy programs, and would not be off-shoring jobs.

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