Hey, Skype Developers: Free BBQ, Drinks on Skype this Thursday!

Yes, really.And if you are a Skype Developer, (NOT the general public) you are invited.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

Yes, really.

And if you are a Skype Developer, (NOT the general public) you are invited.

Especially if you are willing to see demos and give feedback.

It's true that proportionately, very few of you are Skype developers.

But for those of you who are, you might be interested to know that a whole bunch of third-party Skype software and services will be promoted in the house I've screengrabbed @ the top of this post.

The occasion will be the Skype Open House BBQ this Thursday afternoon in San Jose.

Now for what journalists used to call the "5 W's." Deets via a post from Skype blogger Antoine "Ants":

When: Thursday, September 27th, 3 - 5 PDT

Where: Skype Inn, 2055 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA 95125

Who: In attendance, Paul Amery, Director of Skype Developer Program, and Don Albert, general manager and VP of Skype North America, as well as several partners behind some of the Skype key’s third party applications and mash-ups.

Why: We want to give you the chance to check out some of the latest Skype partners products, show off the winning mash-ups, and give you the chance to meet partners extending the Skype platform. Also, Skype staff will be delighted with your views and feedback.

What: Discussion will be accompanied with drinks and a BBQ on the outdoor porch of the Skype Inn.

I would write, "which way do I steer," but in my own case (being from Portland) I suppose I should write, "which way do I fly?"

A certain old Dionne Warwick song is now playing in my cranial circuitry..

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