Inner8.com launches: Here are 100 early access invites to new stock site

Inner8.com, a new investing intelligence site, goes live today.
Written by Mitch Ratcliffe, Contributor

Inner8.com, a new investing intelligence site, goes live today. I've got 100 invites, so if you'd like to try it out, click below.

Inner8 started out as Jambaz.com more than a year ago. I participated in their early testing and, after they tried some ideas, the team went back and built something really impressive, which launches today with a new name and sophisticated stock analytics package. As Veronica Lentfer, general manager of the U.S. operation at Inner8, explained to to me the other day, it is both a stock community that surfaces sentiment about stocks, sectors and other securities based on real-time ratings from investors and an expert system that provides suggestions about securities related to one's investment style.

During the hours I've been on the site in the past few days, it's been interesting to watch sentiment develop over the financial melt-down and the sectors and stocks that were viewed as safe havens. The interface is deep and rich, you'll find a lot of information, charting and other analytics that build on opinions shared by other investors.

The idea is to let people share their sentiment and expertise in one stock or sector so that they can leverage other people's ideas in exchange. It's an intriguing step toward removing the main cost in investment ideas, which are currently covered by brokerage and research fees paid by individual investors. Given the sudden decline in investment bankers on Wall Street this week, Inner8.com launches at an opportune time.

You can try out the free service as part of the early access program by visiting this page at Inner8.com and entering the code "2aanx" (without the quote marks). Happy investing.

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