​St George Bank restores online outage

St George Bank has blamed a glitch it experienced during a regular systems upgrade for taking its online banking systems down for the weekend.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

St George Bank has resolved a computer glitch that left many customers frustrated.

The glitch resulted in customers unable to access online, mobile, and telephone banking services for a period over the weekend.

St George Bank said the problem arose following a regular upgrade to the bank's computer system, but has since resolved it.

The bank said it was very sorry for the inconvenience that it caused many customers. As compensation, the bank has said it will waive fees and other charges for those customers who may have needed to access emergency funds through their credit card cash advance facility.

ATMs, and Eftpos and credit card systems were not impacted, the bank said.

In April last year, Commonwealth Bank faced a similar situation where all of its services, including ATMs, Eftpos, and internet banking were down as a result of a technical outage.

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