Supercomputer binge fuels HPC sales

High-end supercomputer revenue surged ahead of other technical server varieties, according to IDC.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Supercomputer revenue surged in 2011 as nations raced to have the fastest systems and advance their economies, according to IDC.

IDC recapped 2011 high performance computing revenue and supercomputers surged ahead of other technical server varieties. Supercomputers are defined as HPC systems going for more than $500,000. Workgroup HPC systems are sold for less than $100,000. Divisional and departmental systems fill the middle of those two price points.

Here's the breakdown:

A few odds and ends worth noting:

  • HPC sales in 2011 were up 8.4 percent from 2010 and exceeded IDC expectations.
  • Unit shipments fell 6.9 percent, but average selling prices jumped. Translation: Customers are buying larger high-end systems.
  • IBM and HP had 32.6 percent and 32.1 percent of the HPC market, respectively, for statistical tie.
  • IBM revenue growth in the HPC market was up 19.3 percent in 2011. HP revenue growth was up 9.6 percent.
  • Dell is No. 3 in the HPC market with 14.5 percent market share.

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