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Google TV announces more free live TV channels and NFL Sunday Ticket integration

Google is adding even more free channels to Google TV users, showing the increasing popularity of free TV in exchange for watching a few ads.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
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Earlier this year, Google TV announced that it would provide over 800 live TV channels to Google TV users. Google TV is adding even more free channels now, with the addition of the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Google TV is adding 25 free channels that users can watch without needing to sign in or download a separate app. Google TV users now have access to over 100 free channels that include TV shows like "Top Gear" and "Baywatch," as well as other game shows, music channels, and multicultural entertainment.

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Starting in September, NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube TV will be integrated into Google TV in the US. With an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, users can watch out-of-market games, which are NFL games that cable channels don't carry.

Other streaming platforms like Roku TV and Amazon's Fire TV also announced hundreds of free live TV channels to subscribers this year. 

Offering free live TV channels to users falls under the free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) category, and it's becoming more popular with users as they ditch streaming platforms that are hiking prices and cracking down on account sharing.

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FAST channels are essentially cable TV, which gives users free access to channels in exchange for watching ads. Between Roku TV, Google TV, and Fire TV, users can access channels like MLB, ABC News, People, local news channels, and FOX.

Google TV users can find free live channels in the Live tab on their Google TV.

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