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Roku premium TVs with improved picture and audio coming this spring

While Roku's first televisions were value-focused, these new sets are packed with features, including AI-enhanced Smart Picture.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer

While Roku is a name that's long been synonymous with television, the company hadn't actually been involved in making televisions until last year with the introduction of a mid-range line of sets.

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That initial test must have gone well, because Roku has announced a new line of premium TVs coming this spring. Available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes, the Pro Series will bring a variety of features that the previous series of Roku TVs skipped – local dimming for darker blacks and better contrast, mini-LED, enhanced audio technology for a wide cinematic sound, and sleek designs that sit flat against the wall for a better aesthetic when mounted

The company also announced the new premium sets would include Roku Smart Picture, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify what kind of content is being displayed and adjust the screen accordingly. It's worth noting, though, that this technology is coming to third-party Roku TVs, not only those produced by Roku. 

Roku's first entry into the television market was value-focused, and while it didn't provide opportunities for customization and lacked some fancier features, it was a perfectly fine, middle-of-the-pack option.

The Pro Series shows the company has higher aspirations than "perfectly fine" this time around, as a teaser video touted not just a brilliant picture, but a new remote (no details were offered as to what makes it new) and "room-filling" audio. And while the current series of Roku TVs is available exclusively from Best Buy, the company promised "expanded retail availability" for its new premium line.

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Naturally, the new premium TVs will carry a premium price. The previous series of Roku TVs maxed out at $999 for the 75-inch Plus version, but the new line will be priced "under $1,500," the company says.

Given that Roku fully revealed last year's lineup at CES, it's almost certain we'll get a full look at the new TVs next week at this year's CES.

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