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10Mbps WiMax for Rhine region

Germany cuts the rural wires
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Germany cuts the rural wires

Germany is the latest country to jump on the WiMax bandwagon, with a collaboration between Nortel and regional utility firm NEW Energie.

The pair have completed a trial in the Rhine-Westphalia region, in the west of Germany, and are now preparing for a commercial launch of the service targeted at SMEs and consumers.

According to Nortel, the WiMax rollout will promise speeds of 10Mbps for users – a dramatic increase on the 500Kbps seen by one WiMax trial.

The service is expected to launch in the second quarter of this year, with users connecting using a 'small indoor modem', Nortel said.

While the German network will concentrate on supplying rural areas, recent WiMax deployments have been set up in more built-up areas. This week has already seen a new venture between Intel and Pipex to create a WiMax provider for urban areas in the UK, while Samsung revealed it will be supplying kit for a trial of WiBro, the Korean equivalent of WiMax, in South Korea's capital, Seoul.

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