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Accused VoIP wholesaler thief flees: now the question is, WHY?

 That's a 40-foot SeaRay. (Hmm, sure would be nice to win Powerball).
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

That's a 40-foot SeaRay. (Hmm, sure would be nice to win Powerball).

But according to the Feds, Edwin Pena, 23, was able to pay for the SeaRay as well as three luxury autos by acting as a fraudulent wholesaler of VoIP services. The Feds believe that the Miami resident and a hacker conspirator, Robert Moore of Spokane, Wash., worked together to hack legitimate VoIP services and resell some 10 million minutes through these services at deeply discounted rates.  

Now, as Information Week's Sharon Gaudin reports, Pena-who faced up to five years on computer fraud and 30 years on wire fraud- has skipped bail.

So why has this accused VoIP thief chosen to be on the lam?

In her story, Sharon referenced that Pena allegedly obtained his bail money via his girlfriend's mother, who put up two of her properties as collateral. There could be all sorts of interpersonal dynamics there.

One can't dismiss that Pena has more tricks up his sleeve, and fled to a jurisdiction with a lack of means or will to bust crimes such as VoIP theft.

Most likely though, Pena freaked. His alleged accomplice, Moore, has not fled.

That could mean Moore is being turned by the prosecutors, and will face lighter charges should he decide to testify.

Maybe I watch too many crime dramas, but yea, I'll bet that's it. 

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