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Adobe claims digital signature breakthrough

Major document management obstacle removed?
Written by Will Sturgeon, Contributor

Major document management obstacle removed?

Adobe has launched a web-based software application which enables users to sign and authorise forms online. Previously users were hindered by the fact that documents such as contracts or application forms, even though they could be prepared and delivered digitally, generally needed to be printed out in order to be filled in and signed before being returned by fax or by mail. This complexity played a major part in slowing down all manner of administrative tasks, from recruiting staff to finalising deals, but now Adobe may have offered companies a way to streamline such processes. The Adobe Acrobat for Web software will enable companies to create documents online which can then be edited, completed and signed by a third party, also accessing the document online. The widespread use of Acrobat within companies, and the business-user audience targeted by the service should guarantee a successful take-up, which in turn should prove to be a major driver of digital signature technology. Adobe expects to be selling the software to companies by the end of the year - with major businesses and US government departments expected to be among the early adopters. Prices for the Acrobat for Web application start at $20,000.
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