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Afilias tightens-up on dot-info

Prove you deserve it or lose it...
Written by Kate Hanaghan, Contributor

Prove you deserve it or lose it...

Afilias - the registry overseeing the allocation of dot-info domains - has said it will challenge the owners of 10,000 domains already submitted to prove their legitimacy. The company has decided it is time to tighten-up on those who wish to register for the dot-info domain to insure only genuine trademark owners are awarded the suffix. It will also be taking two steps to strengthen its Sunrise policies and challenge process - the system whereby trademarks get priority for the corresponding domain name. Afilias will be asking anyone who registered during the Sunrise period to produce proof of their valid trademark. Additionally, registrars will be able to correct certain WHOIS data and request deletions of domain names before Afilias makes its sweep on domain name registrants that might not be legitimate. Afilias is a consortium of 18 domain name registrars operating in ten countries. Read more about the crazy world of domain names, here:
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