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Anti-Auntie Tory wants BBCi shut down

And you can take BBC3 off the air while you're about it…
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

And you can take BBC3 off the air while you're about it…

An outspoken Tory MP has reacted to yesterday's news that the government has launched an official review into the BBC's online services by calling for the closure of the service. John Whittingdale, the shadow secretary of state for culture, media and sport, has been publicly calling for the switch-off of BBCi and although his anti-Auntie stance is not official Tory policy, the Conservatives are currently conducting their own review into how the Beeb is run, headed by former silicon.com chairman and ex Channel Five boss David Elstein. According to newspaper reports, Whittingdale has stated that he believes the BBC's online arm does not provide a unique service therefore there was no need for it to be paid for out of public finances. He acknowledged the success of the site, but said this was due to the large amount of funding behind it. BBCi is not the only switch-off the MP for Maldon and Chelmsford East would plump for. He'd also like to see the BBC's youth channel go the way of the dinosaurs too, claiming he found it to be a poor imitation of Channel 4's youth-focused spin-off, E4.
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