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Apple brings Indian operations to the US

Apple is packing up its Indian offshoring operation after only a few months
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Apple has scuttled plans that would have seen it open a customer services and software development centre in India, according to reports.

Earlier this year, it was revealed the Mac maker was to open a massive customer support centre in the city of Bangalore, which would eventually house thousands of workers.

Now, according to local press, no further recruitment will be taking place and the 30 individuals who had already been hired have been sent home with two months' severance pay.

One employee, quoted in The Times of India, was told operations will now be based in the US, while another was informed of the change shortly before flying to the US for training.

An Apple spokesman said: "We have re-evaluated our plans and have decided to put our planned support center growth in other countries."

Apple would not be the first US company to bring offshore operations back to the US. Both Dell and Delta Airlines did similarly in 2004.

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